2015 Hvor går din sti hen?/ To where are you heading?

_31A4070 detalje

Breve, der besvarede spørgsmålet “Hvor går din sti hen?” Svarene tolkede spørgsmålet på forskellig vis. Enten ved att give os ren praktisk information om hvad man skulle lave, lige om lidt. Eller svar der i overført betydning fortalte om hvor ens liv syntes at være på vej hen.



Opslagstavlen i august  / The message board in August, by the end of the exhibition


Where are you heading?/ Hvor går din sti hen?

During an exhibition entitled Voyage Out at the public gallery Munkeruphus in Denmark in 2015, this straight forward question appeared already on the back wall of the entrance. The public was in addition presented with a pen and paper and invited to  add their respons to a designated wall. This wall had the features of the classical low tech message board, from before the days of Facebook.


Biddrag til Kerstin Bergendals værk

The public was invited to write me a letter, which was added to other letters on a message board. / Publikum havde muligheden for at slå sig ned og skrive et håndskrevet brev, der så blev tilføjet på opslagstavlen


Message boards have always attracted my attention. There is something about the different styles of writing, concerns and objects shifting owner. In particular I am drawn to the variety of styles of handwriting – and what they convey about the person writing.  Handwriting is a parallel to image, or sound.

The process was initiated with a few first notes, produced in relation to the opening. Subsequently it was gradually filled with handwritten letters produced during the course of the exhibition.


The letters responded in many different ways to the question. Some on a low key practical level, informing us concretely about where the responder de facto was heading after visiting the gallery, and for instance about what to buy for dinner. Others respond more to the existential aspect of the question –  offering  thoughts about the stage in life they were in,  the perspectives and dilemmas within what layed ahead of them. As an entity the collection of letters indirectly produce an image of the local, and of the life lead here, during two months in 2015.



Opslagstavlen i early juni / The message board in June.









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