In april 2019, the PARK LEK project ( ref sep post) was included in the group exhibition DET ANDET STED/ The Other Place at Koes, the Danish National Museum of Art in Public Places. This was the second time the durational intervention project was documented in a art museum context.

Other contributions were by Katie Paterson with her Future Library, Ragnar Kjartansson with Figures in Landscape, Alex Hartley with Nowhereisland, Héctor Zamora with Zeppelin Swarm,

The exhibition aimed ” to present.. six art projects that during the past decade have revolutionised our understanding of what public art can be and created radically new encounters between contemporary art and the public.

Each of the six projects rethinks central factors that play a key role in public art: time, place and participation. Each of them creates remarkable, poetic and pertinent new connections, bringing the capacity of art to spark the imagination to life, and taking us to other places.”

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