2019 ArtworkOngoing – The Rear Mirror Project

In 2018, I participated in a series of urban interventions entitled Artwork Ongoing, commissioned by Art Inside Out in Halland, Sweden.

The project was initiated through an invitation to 20 professionals,  each with their role in and relation to a redevelopment of a central square in Halmstad – Österskans. I invited them to meet and collectively to recap the process, and consider what led to what?

By in addition inviting the film maker Kristina Meiton to document the process of reflection and my own mode of enquiry, I also aim to initiate a proces of reflection regarding my own role as an artist, in such an enquiry.

The above version of the film is a short introduction to the then ongoing project, produced for a presentation at Halmstad Konsthall in May 2018. The video below is an introduction to the described dialogue, sent to the municipal professionals prior to the dialogue.


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