kerstinbergendal I am Kerstin Bergendal, visual artist, born 1957 in Sweden, but based in Copenhagen since 1984. I use drawing, photo, video and methods of pure play on the one hand, and durational strategies for critical intervention and participation on the other. My work intervenes with the logic of a place. This also means, that the […]


/ Four Gardens for Greville Dementia Care Home In 2016, on behalf of Bristol City Council, Willis Newson Art Agency in Bristol (UK) commissioned me to collaborate with architects Penoyre & Prasad and Steve Frazer of Landscape Architects Enzygo, on the development of a landscape design for a new 69 bed dementia care home, produced […]

2019 Man lånte jo ikke nåle i Herning

  Man lånte jo ikke nåle i Herning / And one did not borrow needles in Herning  This two-sided work responds to an invitation from the New Carlsberg Foundation concerning a public artwork for the city of Ikast Brande, in Denmark. Context The invitation was extended in 2017 to three artists – Cai Ulrich von […]

POD dialogue – Plats för konst #04

  ART PLATFORM /Plats för konst is a series of pod dialogues in Swedish, edited by Molly Sjögren,             and Åsa-Viktoria Wihlborg (see more ) The aim of Plats för konst is to establish a forum for discursive exchanges on issues concerning art in public raum;  Guests from different parts of the field of public […]


The PARK LEK project was a durational multidimensional participatory art project I realized from 2010 – 2014. It contested and ultimately transformed the planning procedure of two urban areas of the city of Sundbyberg, just outside of Stockholm in Sweden. From April to September 2019, it was included in a group exhibition DET ANDET STED/ […]

2019 ArtworkOngoing – The Rear Mirror Project

In 2018, I participated in a series of urban interventions entitled Artwork Ongoing, commissioned by Art Inside Out in Halland, Sweden. The project was initiated through an invitation to 20 professionals,  each with their role in and relation to a redevelopment of a central square in Halmstad – Österskans. I invited them to meet and […]

2015 Hvor går din sti hen?/ To where are you heading?

Breve, der besvarede spørgsmålet “Hvor går din sti hen?” Svarene tolkede spørgsmålet på forskellig vis. Enten ved att give os ren praktisk information om hvad man skulle lave, lige om lidt. Eller svar der i overført betydning fortalte om hvor ens liv syntes at være på vej hen.   Opslagstavlen i august  / The message […]

2010-2013 Twenty Days in Viborg – A Journey

              Huda 30, Tyve Dage i Viborg – En Rejse, Viborg Kunsthal, 2013     Twenty Days in Viborg – A Journey This project responded to an invitation from Viborg Kunsthal in 2009, and was performed in collaboration with Rikke Johansen Smith, from Viborg Museum, from 2010 – 2013. The emblematic […]

2010 – 2014 PARK LEK

  PARK LEK was an utopian art project as well as a concrete intervention into an urban planning process, performed between 2010 – 2014 and responding to an invitation from Marabouparken Konsthall in Sundbyberg,  to create a project with park /  park play as its inspiration and point of departure. Through the use of durational strategies […]

2003 The Dog Owners Territory

  a territory This was a temporary sculptural addition to the public park of Søndermarken by Frederiksberg Castle, performed in relation to LAYER 4, a summer   outdoor sculpture exhibition curated by Tina Maria Nielsen and Rikke Ravn in 2003. I added a wooden bench, and a double display case for photos and information. I hoped it […]