I am a Swedish visual artist (b. 1957) based in Copenhagen. I use drawing, photo, video and methods of pure play on the one hand, and durational strategies for critical intervention and participation on the other.
My works intervenes with a place. This also means, that the place and its people intervenes with the art project, making it an unpredictable reciprocal and simultaneous ping-pong process.
Through long term listening, I map the present of the place and draw out an existing knowledge, or ”lived experience” from locals, as well as from professions and structures related to the place. I give the spectrum of attachments to, critique on, utopic ideas about and hopes that I have collected, back to the locals. By doing so, I set them in play. The discursive platforms that eventually grow out of this exchange, aim to support and cultivate an existing local agency, and to improve conditions for local change.
The collaborative side of my work also comprises the co-curating of the artist-run research platform TAPKO 1991–2005, and the work of transforming the artist run public gallery OVERGADEN into a Copenhagen Institute of Contemporary Art, in 1996–2002.  I have served as member of the committee for art in public spaces at the Danish National Arts Foundation, from 2008-2010.
In addition, I often engage critically in public discourse on the role of visual artists in contemporary society. Currently, I am a member of the team of educators at Akademin Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden.