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a space in between

    Show off 1993 Each year, Malmö City stages a two weeks outdoor culture festival. In 1996, I was invited to participate with a temporary outdoor sculpture, wich was to be added to a street corner of Södra Förstadsgatan. This was the corner of a short street in between one of the most central […]


From the exhibition  appropriated as a negotiation space.  All photos by Torben Eskerod.                                                 match-stick-car-liquorice-shoe-lace was a response to an invitation from the Museum of Public Art in Køge / KØS to propose a possible reorganizations of a specific spot in the close vicinity of the museum, located in the urban centre of the small […]

a new pavilion for marabouparken

  Uppehåll, Marabouparken Konsthall, 2014;  The mutifunctional pavillion to the right, is my contribution to the park.     A new pavilion for Marabouparken As a part of the outdoor exhibition Uppehåll / Stay, at Marabouparken Konsthall in 2014, I was asked to elaborate a small semi-permanent pavilion, to be added to a park made by […]

open plan – new commons for trekroner

                        A new commons in Trekroner In 2011, a temporary public space placed was inaugurated on a future building-site of Trekroner, a new urban area of Roskilde in Denmark. This was a proptotype of a new kind of commons, and was the result of […]

a new playground for ballerup

  Attached to the school of Østerhøj in Ballerup, (DK), there is a large solitary playground., which I was invited to reorganize in accordance with the ideas of children of the area. The new playground, developped through a listening proces in several stages,  is based on the logic of a specific  childrens game. In this […]

the memory box project

                    the Memory Box Project 2003 – 2011   The Memory Box  is an integrated part of my Trekroner Art Plan Project, and consists of a 1:1 collection of images, intended for a local self-governed digital museum in relation to new urban areas.  The collection consists of several undreds […]